The WCB has compiled a host of return to work information and pooled it in one place for your quick access.

Return to work programming is a priority for the WCB.

A timely and safe return to work can help injured workers and their workplaces recover more quickly. Workplace injuries and illnesses are costly – to the worker, the employer and society.

Return to work (RTW) programs can help injured workers safely perform meaningful and productive work during their recovery process. RTW programs can include modified work, temporary alternate work or a gradual return to work.

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WCB Online Information:

Return to Work Information for Workers

Return to Work Information for Employers

Return to Work Information for Healthcare Providers

WCB Return to Work Policy


WCB Resources, Materials and Tools:

Re-Employment Obligations Brochure

Re-Employment Obligations Legislation

Return to Work Benefits Brochure

Return to Work for Business Brochure

Return to Work for Better Health Brochure

Return to Work Service Provider Listings

SAFE Work is Good for Business Brochure



National Institute of Disability Management

Manitoba Human Rights Commission Return to Work Guidelines